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Saturday, January 31, 2015

Ten Years! Wow!

O.K. Saying, "Where did the time go?" is understatement here. I just realized that I started this blog almost exactly 10 years ago this month. Also, my second post referenced a blizzard and we just had a blizzard this week. So deja vu! (Hey, isn't that a doll? LOL!)

What has changed in 10 years? Seems like not much. In fact I remember starting this blog like it was yesterday. In fact I also remember starting my Doll Memories website like it was yesterday and that was 14 years ago this month! I'm typing this entry on a laptop in my bedroom. Ten years ago I thought I had too many dolls. As I look around at the many dolls that I have currently displayed in my bedroom, aside from my two Cabbage Patch dolls which I purchased 30 years ago, I don't think I owned any of them 10 years ago. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible to accumulate more dolls, but apparently I managed to find a way to do so!

Sigh...sometimes I honestly seem overwhelmed by my collection. I dream of picking out my most favorite dolls and putting everything else away. Then after a year of putting everything away, I dream of getting rid of it all!

But honestly, I know that will never happen. The best I can hope for is to sell those dolls I really don't like or do anything with, and STOP BUYING NEW DOLLS! My husband has done extremely well with not buying many new things. He was an avid comic book, action figure, and sports card collector. He has made a complete turn around after hitting rock bottom in 2013. I really thought I hit rock bottom when I spent $1,777.00 at the Tonner Factory Sale back in December 2011. I still keep the receipt in my wallet to remind me how bad I was. My doll collector friends say I changed after that time and really cut back on buying new things. Hmmmmm...I guess, but I know I can do MUCH better. I'll keep trying!

So my goal this year is to really play with the things that I have and not keep looking for the next best thing. I can honestly say that I have taken out many of my older dolls over the past month and have played with them. I have bought some new things too, so I can't say I've been 100% good. As I said, I'll keep trying.

Enough ramblings about my bad doll habits and plans to be better! What I really want to say is that I hope to be back more to update you on my dolly thoughts, musings, and playtimes. I'm sure many of you can relate, and I think maybe writing things down will help me realize how CRAZY this all is and help curb my bad habits. Let's hope it doesn't make it worse! :-)

See you soon!


Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Ultimate Play Day!

Hey! Can't believe it's been over two years since I've posted to this blog! Much too long! I've been very busy at work, so it's taken me away from my doll collection more than I would like. :-(

But today is my birthday, so I thought I'd make a quick post. Happy Birthday to me! :-)

Over the past few months I developed at addiction to Polly Pocket Dolls. Yes...Polly Pocket...favorite doll of the average 4 year old! Maybe I need to drop the second number in my age! LOL!

My girls both played with Polly Pocket when they were little, but that was "Fashion Polly". She was re-vamped back in 2009 to have a much younger and cuter look! Her fashions are amazingly detailed and so adorable! These newer Polly's seem to be so much easier to dress than than the older dolls were. I used to cringe when my daughters would ask me to put on Polly's pants for them. So hard to do! Not anymore though!

So I've been admiring this great Polly Pocket set on Truly the "ultimate" Polly Pocket set! Over 150 amazing pieces! Hence the name "Ultimate Play Day". I asked my dear hubby to buy it for me and he did! Today I have just been admiring it in the box. Tomorrow I will open it to play! :-)

Although I really shouldn't have, I also treated myself to a new Momoko doll. Yes, I do still like my Momoko's. This is actually a doll that was released several years ago, but I've had my eye on for awhile. My daughter and I even made up a song for her like we do for some of our dolls. Her name is "Miracle Party Girl" and the tune goes like this....Miracle Party Girl...Momoko!....Miracle Party Girl....Momoko! (repeat over and over! LOL!)

She used to be easy to find at a low price, but not lately. A seller on eBay has been listing (and re-listing) her out of the box since back in August. I've resisted mostly because I bought another Momoko from this same seller back in September and felt guilty buying more. The seller last listed this doll back in October and wouldn't you know she re-listed her again the other day. She still wasn't sold this morning, so I finally caved in and got her.

She will soon arrive to be the BFF of the other doll that I bought from this seller "Slow Smile Traditional - Apple Version" who looks just like me if I lost 30 lbs., grew 5 inches taller, and then was shrunk down to 11 inch size. LOL! Well at least the hair is a perfect match!

Well, I've got to go for now! Hope to post here more often! See you soon!


Monday, September 06, 2010

Catching up!

I meant to post more over the past few days, but once again, the time just got away from me!  Lets catch up!

I still haven't deboxed my Campus Spirit and Campus Sweetshop sets.  Plan to do that later today.  I'll post pics then.

I did get a chance to do some sewing on Friday.  Almost finished the sundress from the first vintage Barbie Advance Pattern.  I'm not sure if I'm getting old, but it took me FOREVER to sew it.  Honestly, it was pretty simple too.  Not sure if my sewing skills are getting rusty or if I'm just getting old and tired.   I will try to finish it today along with some other outfits I started in the past couple of months and just need to put the finishing touches on them.

On Friday I also took a quick trip to Joanne's Fabrics.  I was a little mad that they had none of the photo storage boxes that they advertised at 2 for $5.  It wasn't that they sold out or anything....this store just never had them!  (Maybe its because they recently remodeled and don't carry these in this store anymore.)  They only had one box in the clearance bin for $1.97.  I use these boxes for storing all my doll clothing and even some smaller dolls.  Last time I got a big stash on sale was at AC Moore.  Maybe I should go back there and try to stock up.

Also made a brief stop at Learning Express and got a Ty Lil Girlz Trendy Taylor.  She is about the size of the Barbie Kelly dolls.  I thought maybe she could be a little sister to my Momoko's.  I haven't de-boxed her yet, so we'll have to see how she looks with them.

Ty Lil Girlz - "Trendy Taylor"

Speaking of de-boxing, I've got lots of that to do.  I plan to debox a bunch of outfits and dolls today.  I'm way behind!  I may also finally remove the black tights from my Silver Crescent (Emma) doll because I want her to wear some of the Mary Kate and Ashley outfits that I will be deboxing.  Will post pics later.

Last night I started deboxing some outfits for my Tiny Betsy BJD.  She also sits at my desk at work each day along with my Momoko's.  I usually dress her in Only Hearts Club doll outfits, but some of them need to be altered.  I preped some for altering last night.  Also need to debox and prep some BFC Ink outfits that need to be altered for her.  Here is my Tiny Betsy wearing one of the Only Hearts Club outfits which fit her fine without any alterations.  I originally saw this doll at the 2008 Tonner Halloween Convention (she is called "Harvest Betsy"), but she was over $200!  Got her for $60 back in March at a Tonner Virtual Factory sale.  Oh yeah!  Once again, it pays to wait!

Tonner Tiny Betsy BJD (Harvest Betsy) wearing Only Hearts Club outfit.

Got to run, but I will write back later on my doll adventures of today!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New "OLD" Goodies...

Well, my "Campus Spirit" gift set finally arrived today.  I thought it was going to come on Monday because I knew it had arrived in the state on Friday.  But apparently Barbie and Ken were treated to a special Fedex driving tour for a day before they showed up in my town and went out for delivery. They are MUCH CUTER than I expected.  I have the 50th Anniversary wedding set that I bought last year to celebrate my own 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I was a little bit disappointed with the Barbie in that one.  She is a brunette repro of the #1 doll.  Yeah, the #1 doll is a little harsh looking in my opinion with her light skin, white eyes and sharply arched eyebrows.  I like the "softer" look of the #3 or #4 dolls which is the style of repro doll in this Campus Spirit set.  I can't wait to debox it along with the Midge and Allan repro from the same series that I got a few months back.  I usually don't save boxes, but I will in this case because they are repros of a "Barbie Goes to College" play set.  Both these repro sets came out a couple of years ago.  They each originally went for over $100, but I got them each for less that $30.  In the doll world, patience usually pays off with significantly cheaper prices!

Barbie Campus Spirit Repro Set

Midge and Allan Campus Sweet Shop

My daughter cannot comprehend why I like these repro dolls.  They were before my "time", so its not like I played with them when I was a kid, but I always wished I had.  I was  absolutely fascinated by the 1950's and early 1960's from a very early age.  My first Barbies were from the late "mod" period.  I always thought they were too "new".   The "Twiggy" look was much to bold for me!  They were soon followed by the (in my opinion) ugly and cheap looking 70's dolls with their bizarre orange tanned skin, polyester pantsuits, and  "Little House on the Prarie" inspired  clothing.  YUCK!!!

I remember one time in kindergarten this girl brought in a Bubble Cut Barbie that was her older sister's.  I was in awe eventhough the doll was clearly old and well played with.  This same girl also used to wear alot of "hand me down" dresses in the old early 60's full skirt style.  I asked my Mom if she could buy me a dress like that.  She thought I was nuts and asked me why I wanted to dress like a poor girl.  Nope instead I wore the fashionable "Marcia Brady" style mini dresses of the late 60's/early 70's.  So lovely!  If I would ever play Barbies with girls who had hand me down doll clothing, would always try to trade my newer clothes for theirs.  I remember I once traded my neighbor for a little full Barbie skirt in a vintage 50's print.  I absolutely loved to dress my doll in it!

Well, enough nostalgia for now!  I had a great phone conversation tonight with my doll collecting friend Ramona.  Its always fun to share and catch up on the latest doll news!  Usually we have the same opinions on things, so its fun to see if we have the same thoughts on the new stuff that comes out.  We talk for hours and hours! We are crazy!

Forgot to mention a funny incident that happened on Sunday night.  Ashley was redressing my Momoko's in their new Moxie Girls outfits when she noticed Eva's watch was missing.  Eeeek!!!!  Her watch and pearl necklace are part of her signature look!  We thought it was lost when I was taking pictures outside on my deck earlier in the evening.  I looked through the photos on the camera and noticed that the watch was missing in the last photos of her that I took.  We got out the flashlight and started searching the deck and the ground below.  No luck!  Then I went back in and checked the outfit bags and the case I carry her in.  Not there.  Finally I decide to check the outfit she was wearing.  Turns out the watch had slid up her arm and was under her sleave!  So I lucked out this time!  I put the watch away for safe keeping for now.  Its too nice to loose.  But there have been many things that I have lost or misplaced in the past...more stories for another day!

Got to head to bed!  Will share more tomorrow hopefully after I free my repro sets from their box prisons!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Funday!

I'll have to be quick because I need to go to bed and get to work early in the morning. 

Didn't get to work on my sewing like I wanted to today.  However, I did trace and cut out two of the patterns and pick out the fabric that I want use.  So...I should be done in a few months...or possibly years from now!  LOL! 

Anyway, I did get to take some pics of a few new dolls that hadn't been removed from their boxes yet.  I usually take pictures of everything while its still in the box.  That way I can use it for reference later should I need to check on what outfit pieces and accessories came with it.

I took the Barbie swirl ponytail doll out of her box.  She was a really great deal from a seller on Amazon for a total of $29.49 which included shipping.  None of the stores or Barbie Collector have seemed to discount her yet.  (She's still going for around $45.00).  Love the dress she came with (in addition to her bathing suit) and the cool record player.  Here she is in her "Dance Party" repro dress:

1964 Swirl Ponytail Barbie Repro
I also love all the booklets that come with these repro dolls!  In the past I've purchased some of the original booklets for vintage dolls on eBay, but its fun to look through all the great dolls and fashions in these without having to worry about messing up the fragile old pages.  I have always LOVED fashion illustrations from the 50's and 60's!

Repro Barbie Fashion Booklet
I was also able to take some photos of my Momoko's Emma and Eva wearing some of the Barbie separates that I bought a couple of weeks ago on eBay.  They are just perfect models!  Since they are slightly smaller than Barbie, the clothing goes on and off more easily.  Most outfits fit pretty well especially the dresses.

Don't they look cute?  I still haven't removed Emma's black tights yet because her legs seem to be lined in plastic to protect from staining.  Would probably be difficult to wrap them up again if I removed them.  I will eventually remove them after I run out of clothing that matches them, but I seem to have plenty of clothes that work with the tights for now.

Oh, after a bizzare encounter with two mice in Homegoods (don't ask!), we went to Stop & Shop this afternoon to pick up a few things for dinner and found some cute "Moxie Girls" separate outfits.  Didn't know they even made those!  They had three at $3.99 each  (see photo below - the dresses were not there, but I need to find them.)

Moxie Girls Outfits - Back of package
We have two Moxie girls, but did we put these outfits on them?  No...we put them on Momoko instead!

I have to say, they were a little snug!  But like everything else, Momoko still makes them look great!  Here is Eva in the pajama outfit.

Here is Emma in the outfit with the pink jacket and white pants.  It was a struggle to velcro closed the jacket.  If I put it on her again, I may find a top to wear underneath so I can keep the jacket open.

Finally, here is Eva in the red shirt and gold overalls.  The pants are a little weird.  I'm surprised they even fit!  I think if I bring her into work I'll switch for a pair of black pants because the top is really nice.

Got to head off to bed!  I'll talk more doll stuff tomorrow!  See you then!

Wow! Its been a long time until tomorrow.

O.K.  Here we go again.  Another attempt at trying to do daily updates to this blog.  Lets see if it works this time.  At least this time its only been 10 months and not 5 years!

I'm going to try not to spend so much time thinking of specific doll related topics to discuss.  Instead, I'm just going to free-form type what is going through my head.  I've read other blogs like this and I'm always amazed at how similar my thoughts and musings are to these other collectors.  Its like, "Wow, someone else's head is full of the same doll thoughts and dillemmas that I have gone through today.  I guess I'm not the only crazy person in this world!  LOL!"  It's always somewhat comforting and theraputic to come to that realization, so I hope some of you will also benefit from my rambles.

I think it will be best if I just re-cap the day.  I plan to usually blog in the evening, but since I'm writing this right now on a Sunday morning, I'll give you a run through of Saturday.

Yesterday started by going out to get my hair cut with my daughter Ashley.  After we made a trip to Walmart under the guise of getting a throwcover for a chair in my livingroom and some school supplies for her.  In reality, our main purpose was to check out the doll aisle.  Nothing really new in the Barbie section.  (When are they going to come out with some new outfits?  They seem to have had the same stuff out now forever!)  I showed Ashley the new Holiday Barbie which I had already seen before.  I think she is a little bit more simple and understated this year, but very pretty!  Beats the heavily made-up and fake eyelashed racoon look they have been doing on her the past few years!  I never buy Holiday Barbies (have stayed away from them since their inception in 1988).  To me they have always seemed too overdone with their poofy dresses and hair.  I'm just not into that kind of look.  However, I may just get this one if I find it on sale really cheap somewhere.  (See her photo below.)

2010 Holiday Barbie
So back to the Walmart doll aisle....the next dolls that we see are the new LIV's.  We already have the complete set of dolls from the first wave.  We also have the second wave Daniella with her dog which we have customized with new eyes (we've named her "Audrey")  as well as another first wave Sophie with new eyes (new name "Emily").  We immediately notice the new lower frills and lower priced "School's Out" versions.  There is a Sophie and a Daniella there for $13.99 each.  We immediately agree that we will get a Sophie because she look so much less "bug eyed" that then she has in the previous waves.  She's also wearing a really cute outfit with a plaid skirt.  No extra wig, but definitely a good deal for the price!

2010 - LIV - School's Out Sophie

We then notice the new "Hayden" doll in the new "Outdoor/Nature" LIV series.  She is pretty, but we can see her plastic wig cap.  Later we realize she would look better once her hat was on.  Anyway, we decided to pass on her right now and get an acessory set with glasses and a scarf which is on sale for $4.97.

We checked around for more doll items in the clearance aisle.  They have marked down the Barbie Basic's to $13.99 which is a good deal.  Decided to pass on buying any more for now.  (We have 7 from Series 1 and all four dolls from series 1.5)  Some other repro Barbies were also on clearance but were really no great deal in our opinion.  The teacher and astronaught were still $30.00 when they were originally $35.00.  The 1964 Blonde Swirl Ponytail was $44.95.  I think that was its original price.  How can they call that a clearance?  I'm thankful I got that same doll last week on Amazon for a total of $29.00 which included the shipping.

For some reason I've been crushing on the Barbie repros lately.  Not sure why.  It all started when I decided to spring for the new 1965 Brunette American Girl repro (which I have been waiting for since the sadly lacking "Poodle Parade" repro from 1996).  Since then I have picked up the 1962 Brunette Bubble Cut Repro,  the 1964 Swirl Ponytail Repro that I mentioned above, and the Barbie and Ken Campus Spirit set which should get here on Monday (will go well with the Midge and Allan Campus Sweetshop set that I got on-sale at Barbie Collector a few months back.) 

1965 My Favorite Barbie - American Girl Repro

I think its all part of my master plan to make clothing from the original vintage Advance sewing patterns which I purchased copies of on CD a few months back.  I was inspired by a Haute Doll article from last year which showed outfits someone made from these patterns.  I've been hoarding vintage look fabric lately (made a second trip to Saffler's fabrics in two weeks to buy more.)  I hope to FINALLY make some outfits today and will report back on my results!

Got to run, but can't leave without mentioning my new dolly true love....Momoko.  You'd think with all this Barbie and LIV talk, that I'd have no room for other dolls.  Well, that's just not true.  Momoko captured my heart about two months ago when I finally broke down and ordered one after eyeing them for several years.  Since then, not a day goes by that I don't say to myself, "I LOVE my Momoko's....sigh!"  They make me want to ditch all my other dolls and replace them with all Momoko's  (well, not really but if a fire came and consumed my entire collection and I was only able to save my Momoko's, then I would still be happy.....o.k.  the fire would have to also spare all my Barbie outfits so my Momoko's could wear them, but other than that, they are really all I need.)  Those Japanese really know how to hook you!

I bring my 2007 "Silver Crescent" Momoko (remamed "Emma") and my 2008 "Twighlight Fiance" Momoko (renamed "Eva") with me to work every day and pose them at my desk.  I try to change their clothes to a new Barbie outfit each day too.  They are just beyond cute!  So posable, so sweet!  I can't say enough about them!  Eva is actually my absolute favorite.  She looks great in everything with her brunette pixie haircut and red lips.  Vintage yet modern at the same time.  I never thought I'd find a doll that I truly love as much ."Tiny Kitty" has certainly come close.  She will always hold a special place in my heart. But Momoko is the absolute dolly ideal!  She's everything I love about dolls in one little package!

Here are pics of my two little darlings. 

2007 Silver Crescent Momoko
2008 Twighlight Fiance Momoko - Special Edition
Now I've really got to run!  I can't believe how long this post has become!  Talk to you soon!


Friday, October 16, 2009

The best laid plans...

O.K.  So I'm back on this blog again today.  Wow, two days in a row!  Amazing!  I have to admit that this blog is part of a plan to better organize my doll collecting.  A few times a year I get it in me to put structure around my hobby so I feel like I'm putting the most into it for all the money I've "invested" in my collection.  Truthfully, its just another round-about way to justify my doll purchases. So here is the latest plan:

  • Schedule regular updates of my previously abandoned blogs/journals:  "My Doll Diary", "B's Blog", and "Tiny Kitty's Doll Journal"
  • Schedule regular clothing changes for my favorite dolls (daily, weekly, monthly, etc)
  • Schedule regular display appearances for dolls which have been stored away.
Not listed in the above, but ever present in the plan are regular updates to my doll websites.  A few months ago I planned to update at least a page a day on my website.  For a couple of weeks, I did really well, then I just found myself too tired after work to keep up.  I need to get back to that.  A page a day may not seem like much at all, but truthfully on average a page takes approximate 30 to 45 minutes to complete, not counting the time previously taken to photograph the dolls.  That's alot of time for a single page!  I don't think people realize how much work goes into it.  Here is the list of the common things that need to be done:

  • Find and select all photos for the page.  Usually includes company produced stock photos as well as photos I've taken of my own dolls.
  • Resize photos for the website.  Normal digital camera photos are way too large.
  • Copy photos to the Frontpage website folders.
  • Upload photos to the webserver.
  • Find an existing page on my site to use as a template.
  • Enter filenames for all the pictures.
  • Enter any additional text descriptions on the page.
  • Preview page and make adjustments.
Phew!  I'm tired just thinking about it! 

Well, that's enough about the logical and technical details for this hobby of mine.  I promise that my future posts will be more fun and will include photos of my dolls and thoughts about doll things that I have seen or want.

Until tomorrow....


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Finally back again!

Wow!  I can't believe that its been almost 5 years since I posted to this blog!  Not that I really posted much when I started it, but I did have good intentions.

It would be difficult to give a detailed update on the past 5 years.  Instead, I'll post a quick summary. 

Yes, I am still a doll collector.  That fact definitely hasn't changed.

I'm also pleased to report that I did eventually locate the elusive doll pattern listed in my last post.  Did I make the outfits in the pattern?  Well, not exactly.  I did start making the bridal gown, but I never finished.  The pattern is now locked in a fireproof safe in my house.  Also, I can now see why previous owners never made a copy.  It was printed on a large sheet of paper which was folded.  Similar to instructions found in sewing patterns. Very difficult to duplicate on 8 1/2 X 11 inch paper.

Other than that, I'm still buying new dolls and trying to track both the old and new ones on my website.  Of course, I'm still way behind with my updates, but I'm trying.

Anyway, I'm back on this blog now and my plan is to continue with my daily doll collecting thoughts.  Most of you will probably find them pretty boring, but there might be some gems of information that will help fellow collectors. 

Lets hope I keep up with this.  Wish me luck!