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Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Funday!

I'll have to be quick because I need to go to bed and get to work early in the morning. 

Didn't get to work on my sewing like I wanted to today.  However, I did trace and cut out two of the patterns and pick out the fabric that I want use.  So...I should be done in a few months...or possibly years from now!  LOL! 

Anyway, I did get to take some pics of a few new dolls that hadn't been removed from their boxes yet.  I usually take pictures of everything while its still in the box.  That way I can use it for reference later should I need to check on what outfit pieces and accessories came with it.

I took the Barbie swirl ponytail doll out of her box.  She was a really great deal from a seller on Amazon for a total of $29.49 which included shipping.  None of the stores or Barbie Collector have seemed to discount her yet.  (She's still going for around $45.00).  Love the dress she came with (in addition to her bathing suit) and the cool record player.  Here she is in her "Dance Party" repro dress:

1964 Swirl Ponytail Barbie Repro
I also love all the booklets that come with these repro dolls!  In the past I've purchased some of the original booklets for vintage dolls on eBay, but its fun to look through all the great dolls and fashions in these without having to worry about messing up the fragile old pages.  I have always LOVED fashion illustrations from the 50's and 60's!

Repro Barbie Fashion Booklet
I was also able to take some photos of my Momoko's Emma and Eva wearing some of the Barbie separates that I bought a couple of weeks ago on eBay.  They are just perfect models!  Since they are slightly smaller than Barbie, the clothing goes on and off more easily.  Most outfits fit pretty well especially the dresses.

Don't they look cute?  I still haven't removed Emma's black tights yet because her legs seem to be lined in plastic to protect from staining.  Would probably be difficult to wrap them up again if I removed them.  I will eventually remove them after I run out of clothing that matches them, but I seem to have plenty of clothes that work with the tights for now.

Oh, after a bizzare encounter with two mice in Homegoods (don't ask!), we went to Stop & Shop this afternoon to pick up a few things for dinner and found some cute "Moxie Girls" separate outfits.  Didn't know they even made those!  They had three at $3.99 each  (see photo below - the dresses were not there, but I need to find them.)

Moxie Girls Outfits - Back of package
We have two Moxie girls, but did we put these outfits on them?  No...we put them on Momoko instead!

I have to say, they were a little snug!  But like everything else, Momoko still makes them look great!  Here is Eva in the pajama outfit.

Here is Emma in the outfit with the pink jacket and white pants.  It was a struggle to velcro closed the jacket.  If I put it on her again, I may find a top to wear underneath so I can keep the jacket open.

Finally, here is Eva in the red shirt and gold overalls.  The pants are a little weird.  I'm surprised they even fit!  I think if I bring her into work I'll switch for a pair of black pants because the top is really nice.

Got to head off to bed!  I'll talk more doll stuff tomorrow!  See you then!


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