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Sunday, January 23, 2005

A Blizzard of a Day

Well, I survived the Blizzard up here in New England today. Since I was stuck inside, I was able to work on my website a bit. Still didn't get as much done as I would have liked. Will I ever get all my doll photos up there? I'm starting to wonder if it is a hopeless cause!

There was supposed to be a doll show in this area today. I'm assuming it never took place due to the storm. I went to this same show last year with my Mom. She does not share my passion for dolls, but it was fun to spend some time together. I'm sort of disappointed that we weren't able to repeat the event again this year.

I usually never buy much at doll shows. Most of the things already in my collection are much better than what I see there. Prices are also usually higher than I've found them to be on eBay. However, its fun to go to help me re-affirm that I do have some pretty nice things at home that I should really appreciate much more than I do.

I've been cutting back on my eBay doll shopping in recent months. I've come to the conclusion that I just do not have room for many more things. Plus I don't have time to devote the attention I need to each of the dolls I already have. I've promised many of my dolls new outfits and they have been waiting for a long time. I try to be a good "Doll Mom" so I keep my promises on my list hoping that I will get to them eventually. I hope my dolls don't desert me before I do.

I did break down and bought a Toni doll on eBay yesterday. Been looking for a dark haired one for awhile. I really think she is the prettiest of the 50's glamour dolls. Hopefully I will find the time to make something special for her when she arrives. I got a really good deal (less then $30.00), so I didn't feel so bad about it.

Really need to figure out how I'm going to keep up on my TK collection. I love that doll dearly, but I'm starting to realize that she is killing my bank account. Plus, space in my doll closet is starting to get low. I'm not sure what to do. Should I buy, take photos for my site, then sell them again? I have not been able to part with any of my TK's yet and I have 43 so far. I guess I could continue my searching on eBay and asking people if I could use their photos on my site. However, really good photos are few and far between. I really don't want to fall behind in my site though. I've worked so hard on it, and I want to keep it as complete as possible. Maybe I will someday find a financial backer to support my lavish dolly lifestyle. Hahaha!

Well, that's all for today. We'll see what tomorrow brings. Good night all!



  • At 2:51 PM, Blogger deneen said…

    hellooooooooo!!! where are you? I just came across your site and loved it! I feel the same way about dolls and joined ebay in 1998 searching for baby tender love and have been collecting ever since. I'm a play doll gal too. I loved all the pics of you and your dolls when young,,,also the dolly memories page. I thought i'd look at a kendred pirits dolly journal to discover the most recent post is from 2005!!.. I hope all is well with you and your family and wish you the best this coming year!!!

  • At 8:24 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Marie, your site and your Tiny Kittys are just wonderful. I hope that you don't feel like there's no one out there watching. I have been to your site countless times, and the updates and new photos are delight to me! I too, spent alot of adult life playing dolls with my aged mother. We started with porcelains, but years later it's TKC! Hugs, Arlene


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