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Monday, September 06, 2010

Catching up!

I meant to post more over the past few days, but once again, the time just got away from me!  Lets catch up!

I still haven't deboxed my Campus Spirit and Campus Sweetshop sets.  Plan to do that later today.  I'll post pics then.

I did get a chance to do some sewing on Friday.  Almost finished the sundress from the first vintage Barbie Advance Pattern.  I'm not sure if I'm getting old, but it took me FOREVER to sew it.  Honestly, it was pretty simple too.  Not sure if my sewing skills are getting rusty or if I'm just getting old and tired.   I will try to finish it today along with some other outfits I started in the past couple of months and just need to put the finishing touches on them.

On Friday I also took a quick trip to Joanne's Fabrics.  I was a little mad that they had none of the photo storage boxes that they advertised at 2 for $5.  It wasn't that they sold out or anything....this store just never had them!  (Maybe its because they recently remodeled and don't carry these in this store anymore.)  They only had one box in the clearance bin for $1.97.  I use these boxes for storing all my doll clothing and even some smaller dolls.  Last time I got a big stash on sale was at AC Moore.  Maybe I should go back there and try to stock up.

Also made a brief stop at Learning Express and got a Ty Lil Girlz Trendy Taylor.  She is about the size of the Barbie Kelly dolls.  I thought maybe she could be a little sister to my Momoko's.  I haven't de-boxed her yet, so we'll have to see how she looks with them.

Ty Lil Girlz - "Trendy Taylor"

Speaking of de-boxing, I've got lots of that to do.  I plan to debox a bunch of outfits and dolls today.  I'm way behind!  I may also finally remove the black tights from my Silver Crescent (Emma) doll because I want her to wear some of the Mary Kate and Ashley outfits that I will be deboxing.  Will post pics later.

Last night I started deboxing some outfits for my Tiny Betsy BJD.  She also sits at my desk at work each day along with my Momoko's.  I usually dress her in Only Hearts Club doll outfits, but some of them need to be altered.  I preped some for altering last night.  Also need to debox and prep some BFC Ink outfits that need to be altered for her.  Here is my Tiny Betsy wearing one of the Only Hearts Club outfits which fit her fine without any alterations.  I originally saw this doll at the 2008 Tonner Halloween Convention (she is called "Harvest Betsy"), but she was over $200!  Got her for $60 back in March at a Tonner Virtual Factory sale.  Oh yeah!  Once again, it pays to wait!

Tonner Tiny Betsy BJD (Harvest Betsy) wearing Only Hearts Club outfit.

Got to run, but I will write back later on my doll adventures of today!