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Saturday, November 10, 2012

An Ultimate Play Day!

Hey! Can't believe it's been over two years since I've posted to this blog! Much too long! I've been very busy at work, so it's taken me away from my doll collection more than I would like. :-(

But today is my birthday, so I thought I'd make a quick post. Happy Birthday to me! :-)

Over the past few months I developed at addiction to Polly Pocket Dolls. Yes...Polly Pocket...favorite doll of the average 4 year old! Maybe I need to drop the second number in my age! LOL!

My girls both played with Polly Pocket when they were little, but that was "Fashion Polly". She was re-vamped back in 2009 to have a much younger and cuter look! Her fashions are amazingly detailed and so adorable! These newer Polly's seem to be so much easier to dress than than the older dolls were. I used to cringe when my daughters would ask me to put on Polly's pants for them. So hard to do! Not anymore though!

So I've been admiring this great Polly Pocket set on Truly the "ultimate" Polly Pocket set! Over 150 amazing pieces! Hence the name "Ultimate Play Day". I asked my dear hubby to buy it for me and he did! Today I have just been admiring it in the box. Tomorrow I will open it to play! :-)

Although I really shouldn't have, I also treated myself to a new Momoko doll. Yes, I do still like my Momoko's. This is actually a doll that was released several years ago, but I've had my eye on for awhile. My daughter and I even made up a song for her like we do for some of our dolls. Her name is "Miracle Party Girl" and the tune goes like this....Miracle Party Girl...Momoko!....Miracle Party Girl....Momoko! (repeat over and over! LOL!)

She used to be easy to find at a low price, but not lately. A seller on eBay has been listing (and re-listing) her out of the box since back in August. I've resisted mostly because I bought another Momoko from this same seller back in September and felt guilty buying more. The seller last listed this doll back in October and wouldn't you know she re-listed her again the other day. She still wasn't sold this morning, so I finally caved in and got her.

She will soon arrive to be the BFF of the other doll that I bought from this seller "Slow Smile Traditional - Apple Version" who looks just like me if I lost 30 lbs., grew 5 inches taller, and then was shrunk down to 11 inch size. LOL! Well at least the hair is a perfect match!

Well, I've got to go for now! Hope to post here more often! See you soon!