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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New "OLD" Goodies...

Well, my "Campus Spirit" gift set finally arrived today.  I thought it was going to come on Monday because I knew it had arrived in the state on Friday.  But apparently Barbie and Ken were treated to a special Fedex driving tour for a day before they showed up in my town and went out for delivery. They are MUCH CUTER than I expected.  I have the 50th Anniversary wedding set that I bought last year to celebrate my own 20th Wedding Anniversary.  I was a little bit disappointed with the Barbie in that one.  She is a brunette repro of the #1 doll.  Yeah, the #1 doll is a little harsh looking in my opinion with her light skin, white eyes and sharply arched eyebrows.  I like the "softer" look of the #3 or #4 dolls which is the style of repro doll in this Campus Spirit set.  I can't wait to debox it along with the Midge and Allan repro from the same series that I got a few months back.  I usually don't save boxes, but I will in this case because they are repros of a "Barbie Goes to College" play set.  Both these repro sets came out a couple of years ago.  They each originally went for over $100, but I got them each for less that $30.  In the doll world, patience usually pays off with significantly cheaper prices!

Barbie Campus Spirit Repro Set

Midge and Allan Campus Sweet Shop

My daughter cannot comprehend why I like these repro dolls.  They were before my "time", so its not like I played with them when I was a kid, but I always wished I had.  I was  absolutely fascinated by the 1950's and early 1960's from a very early age.  My first Barbies were from the late "mod" period.  I always thought they were too "new".   The "Twiggy" look was much to bold for me!  They were soon followed by the (in my opinion) ugly and cheap looking 70's dolls with their bizarre orange tanned skin, polyester pantsuits, and  "Little House on the Prarie" inspired  clothing.  YUCK!!!

I remember one time in kindergarten this girl brought in a Bubble Cut Barbie that was her older sister's.  I was in awe eventhough the doll was clearly old and well played with.  This same girl also used to wear alot of "hand me down" dresses in the old early 60's full skirt style.  I asked my Mom if she could buy me a dress like that.  She thought I was nuts and asked me why I wanted to dress like a poor girl.  Nope instead I wore the fashionable "Marcia Brady" style mini dresses of the late 60's/early 70's.  So lovely!  If I would ever play Barbies with girls who had hand me down doll clothing, would always try to trade my newer clothes for theirs.  I remember I once traded my neighbor for a little full Barbie skirt in a vintage 50's print.  I absolutely loved to dress my doll in it!

Well, enough nostalgia for now!  I had a great phone conversation tonight with my doll collecting friend Ramona.  Its always fun to share and catch up on the latest doll news!  Usually we have the same opinions on things, so its fun to see if we have the same thoughts on the new stuff that comes out.  We talk for hours and hours! We are crazy!

Forgot to mention a funny incident that happened on Sunday night.  Ashley was redressing my Momoko's in their new Moxie Girls outfits when she noticed Eva's watch was missing.  Eeeek!!!!  Her watch and pearl necklace are part of her signature look!  We thought it was lost when I was taking pictures outside on my deck earlier in the evening.  I looked through the photos on the camera and noticed that the watch was missing in the last photos of her that I took.  We got out the flashlight and started searching the deck and the ground below.  No luck!  Then I went back in and checked the outfit bags and the case I carry her in.  Not there.  Finally I decide to check the outfit she was wearing.  Turns out the watch had slid up her arm and was under her sleave!  So I lucked out this time!  I put the watch away for safe keeping for now.  Its too nice to loose.  But there have been many things that I have lost or misplaced in the past...more stories for another day!

Got to head to bed!  Will share more tomorrow hopefully after I free my repro sets from their box prisons!



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